How to identify a trafficker?

It’s not that easy to identify a human trafficker. The trafficker can be a male or a female, rich or poor, a stranger or part of the family. All the clues are observed in real cases and can be seen together or separate, from case to case.

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He often changes his behaviour according to the victim’s needs and wants.

The opportunities he talks about and “offers” sound too good to be true.

His promises do not contain clear information about the proposed offer or about travelling and life conditions, or financial income.

He acts very fast, the relationship between him and the victim evolves fast and his offer must be accepted fast.

The trafficker threatens the victim, and if she doesn’t comply, she, her family or her loved ones will suffer.

He uses love to control the victim: “If you love me, you will do this and this… “

For him, everything is about the money.

He carefully studies the victim to learn what she likes or dislikes.

He establishes a positive relationshop with the potential victim by offering gifts (food, money, housing).

He is very persistent to do things how he wants, when he wants.


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