The Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery

The Mobile Museum of Modern Slavery

The Mobile Museum takes the form of a branded van which will contain costumed mannequins with types of high-risk slavery equipped with a recorded personal history. Visitors sit down next to a mannequin listening their story. At the end, they sign the museum register having a photo taken in a frame that reads “I support the fight against modern slavery” that will be posted on the website.

The van will travel during the 1st and the 4th of November 2019 in eight places: one in Focsani, Vrancea County’s main city and seven villages: Golesti, Cotesti, Dumbraveni, Gugesti, Candesti, Bordesti, Dumitresti.

According a preliminary research, there is a huge need for awareness related to risks behind job offers abroad, especially for women and girls. Civil society, local authorities, artistic community will be actively involved. Using the Mobile Museum, we will gather local communities around a local, national and global pandemic that can affect any person at any time. We will conduct roundtables, workshops, witnesses – recorded testimonies, photos and other artistic events like flash mobs.

The Long-term Vision of this project (in 1 to 5 years) is to expand the Mobile Museum minibus/minibuses with a large semi-truck to have an increased awareness and much larger visible impact on a national and regional scale throughout Southern and Eastern European countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, etc.) that are facing similar challenges with human trafficking through sexual and labor exploitation.

The project is initiated by Aurora Martin, scholarship of the State Department in USA, supported by the American Councils, The Sustainability Embassy in Romania and The Bucharest Bar. As part of the project, during 18 – 30 October 2019 debates on modern slavery were organized in seven high schools and two Universities in Bucharest. Furthermore, The National College “Al Ioan Cuza” Focsani (insert video flashmob), The National Pedagogical College “Spiru Haret” Focsani and Sweet Dance Studio organized flash mobs.

The launching event took place on the 17th of October 2019 and many of the partners were present: The US Department of State, American Councils, GLC – Teach Democracy, International Justice Mission (IJM), International Organization of Migration (UN), Amnesty International Bucharest, International Work Finder, Universal Emergency Relief (UK), Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance (Moldova), Enable Company (Moldova),,, Asociația Viață fără Violență, Centrul de Resurse pentru Participare Publică, Asociația eLiberare, Fundația Uși Deschise, Agenția de Dezvoltare Comunitară Împreună, Asociația Eu, Tu și Ei (Focșani), Vanemonde, Andor Tipo, and the artist Ruslan Lazarin, who created the official song of the campaign People are not for sale!

Flashmob Colegiul Național Alexandru Ioan Cuza Focșani